Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Fidelity Interview Questions

Screening test on call:
What is AWR and ADDM
What is ASH
What is Explain Plan
What are events in oracle
What Bulk collect
What is cursor
What is refcursor

First Round - Face to Face :
What is Collection . Types of Collections in PLSQL? 
Write the syntax of Associative Array.
When should we use Associative array , nested tables?
What is Ref cursor. Can it be passed as parameter in SP and functions? 
Type of ref cursors?
What is explicit Cursor. How to find that data in the cursor is not available.
Query to fetch all the columns of the of highest paying departments.
What is TKPROF ? How to enable the SQL Trace.  Write the statement enable tracing.
On setting the SQL Trace parameter, where does this parameters value is stored in database.
What information are there in TKPROF.
What is normalization. Explain 1st NF,2nd NF, 3rd NF with examples.

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