Sunday, January 31, 2016

MetricStream PLSQL interview 3rd round

MetricStream -PLSQL Interview 3rd round

·         What’s your company name, experience, where is it, what does this company do
·         Explain about your project
·         What are your roles and responsibilities
·         I have given you brd document and asked you to desing a database, how do you approach it.
·         What is normalization, which  technique you use to desing tables
·         What is first ,2nd , 3rd normalization
·         What level do you normalize your tables
·         What is backup
·         What is logical backup
·         What is physical backup
·         What is incremental backup
·         How do you find what data changed since last incremental backup
·         What is control file
·         What is log file
·         What is physical database
·         How do you search a pattern in Linux
·         What we do not  use in a procedure
·         When you use procedure and when we use function
·         Puzzles

·         What is the reason for job change

MetricStream -PLSQL 2nd Round interview questions

PLSQL Intervriew -2nd round.

·         Tell me about yourself.
·         Tell me about your project
·         What are your responsibilities
·         Syntax of export and import
·         What is transform parameter while using import
·         Why do you want to change your company
·         How to add primary key constraint to an already existing table. Write the command
·         How to delete a primary key.
·         How to delete a constraint.
·         When views will be become invalid? What are the possible cases
·         How to make these views valid
·         If I change the structure of the table what happens to the views
·          I have a package and I want to make the package valid while making the view in the package valid
·         What are private procedures
·         What is ref cursor
·         In how many ways can u define ref cursor
·         How do you debug your code
·         What are new features of 11g
·         What is listagg
·         What is index
·         What is binary index
·         What is btree index
·         What is pls_integer , binary_integer
·         What is compound trigger
·         What is what are inline views
·         Can we write an inline view in columns place of a query
·         What is explain plan
·         How do you optimize a query
·         What are the checkpoints in query tuning
·         I have a sequence , current value is 5. I want to re initialize it to 2. How to do it.
·         Can we reset sequence value
·         How can I perform ddl operations in a procedure
·         What are dml statement
·         What is default  keyword, how it is useful with parameters in plsql
·         How it is useful when inserting the values in a table
·         What is merge statement
·         What is nocopy .

·         Which model you are following in your project.

MetricStream - PLSQL 1st Round Interview

MetricStream 1st Round Interview

·         Tell me about your project, roles, and responsibilities?
·         What are the new features in Oracle 11g?
·         What is normalization?
·         Which level of normalization are you using?
·         What is 3rd normal from?
·         Explain Oracle Architecture?
·         Explain how SQL query is processed in the oracle server?
·         How do you tune SQL query?
·         What are the  hints you used in your project?
·         How to export only tables and not indexes  from your schema?
·         How to do I create all the indexes as it is from other schema?
·         What is execute in SQL processing?
·         What is fetch in SQL processing?
·         How do you check the version of the database?
·         How do you find the size of the data for an application?
·         How do you model a database?
·         How to add two numbers without using + , sum functions?
·         I have a package and it doesn't  give me compilation errors. At run time it gives me error. How do u know where the error occurs. How to debug the error.
·         Do u know performance tuning / SQL tuning ?
·         What is $? in Unix?
·         What is $* in Unix ?
·         How do u find 150 the line in a file?
·         How do u search a string in a file?
·         How do u increase the performance of SQL query when select distinct is used?
·         Do u know collections?
·         What is reference cursor? Why  is it used?
·         What is no copy ?
·         What is pipeline

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Oracle India Pvt Ltd : Oracle DBA interview questions for 1 year experience -1st Round

Oracle 1st Round Interview for Oracle DBA- 1 Year Experience :

These are some of the interview questions i have faced in the first round of interview for 1 year experience. Hope these will be useful.

·         Tell me about yourself
·         Explain your project.
·         What are your daily activities
·         What is the size of your database, how do u check the size
·         How do u manage the database, what tools you are using,
·         What is task you have successfully completed and you are proud of doing it.
·         What is the most difficult issue that you have faced, and how did u solve it.
·         Difference between traditional export and import and data pump.
·         What are the techniques used to migrate a database.
·         When database writer writes
·         When log writer writes
·         What happens when commit occurs
·         What happens when tablespace is taken offline
·         What is read consistency
·         What is the difference between cumulative and differential backup
·         What are the advantages of rman
·         What is your goal
·         What do u know about oracle
·         What is oracle
·         What is the latest news in oracle website and upcoming events
·         What is the most popular product of oracle
·         How do u feel attending interview in oracle
·         What would u like to be after five years
·         Why do u want to become  dba, why not developer or others
·         What is the importance of dba.
·         What are the hidden columns in a table
·         What is function, procedure and their differences
·         How do u check the ddl of a table
·         how do u check the memory information of the linux/unix system
·         how do u check the cpu information in os level
·         how do u share your knowledge to others
·         Did u give any presentations , demos, or training in our office
·         How u take backup of control file
·         A control file is deleted, how do u recover database

·         Do u have any questions