Sunday, September 25, 2016

Clover Infotech Oracle SQL PL/SQL Interview Questions

Tell me about yourself and what are the responsibilities in your project.
What is the difference between procedure and function
Can we return 2 values through function,i want return empno and sal how to design a function.
I have a package with 2 procedures and declared one procedure in specification only second procedure not declared in specification, package body compiled or not?
What is the use of forward declaration and if you can use in package can we call procedure outside package.
Difference between primary and unique and i am retrieving unique column, that time unique column firing or not?
Difference between nvl and nvl2
How many types of exceptions
Explain pragma types, pragma exception_init and pragma serially_reusable
Difference between bulk collect and forall, suppose i am inserting 10000 records due to some issue few records are not inserted, how to find which records are not inserted, which method you follow to find.
How many types of collection and methods
What are the exceptions raised in collections.
Have you worked on analytical functions?
Difference between rank and dense rank
I have a package with number of logics inside package but package is slow down due to some logic, how to find which query taking more time after finding the query how to tune a query.
Difference between truncate and delete, why truncate faster rather than delete.
Difference between view and materialized view
What is correlated subquery?
What is complex query and have you ever work on that.
Difference between btree and bitmap index
Explain composite data type, tell me the syntax.
Explain briefly about sql loader.

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