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Hello, I am Sambasiva Rao Kesana , Welcome to my blog plsqblog.blogspot.com !

I live in silicon valley of India, Bangalore.

I am a Software Engineer, Blogger, Cricket Lover, Music Lover, Technology enthusiast, gadgets and electronics user.

I work in an MNC as an Oracle Developer. I have been working on Oracle SQL, PLSQL, Unix/Linux technologies over the past 7 years. I am going to share in this blog all my learning's from oracle documentation and training materials, experiences while working.

No matter how good you are in the technology when it comes to face interviews, you should be thorough in the subject, able to answer the practical  scenarios, unexpected questions. This blog helps you with interview questions asked in different companies to prepare for interviews.  This blog will have SQL, PL/SQL, Linux course material as well as interview questions. A one stop place for a PLSQL developer.

For any suggestions , improvement , request for blog post on a particular topic, you can reach me on sivak36@gmail.com

Happy Reading !